One Stop Customer Service

At M.J. Coates Homes, our objective is to provide homebuyers with their dream home while offering them the highest quality in construction and unparalleled customer service. Because we are a family-run operation, we feel that personal attention is of the highest importance before, during and after construction. It is not uncommon for a homebuilder to talk to or see one member of our team almost daily throughout the homebuilding process. We feel as though this is a true partnership between us and the homebuilder, and most often it ends up as a life-long friendship.

One of the qualities that we are most proud of as a builder is our ability to offer our clients one-stop shopping. Due to the diversification within our group, we are able to provide our clients with experience and knowledge, along with enthusiasm and fresh ideas. With 40 years of experience, we are able to offer assistance throughout every level of the process.

Lot Selection
We have a presence in many Dayton area communities and new developments. We can either provide you a lot on which to build, direct you to an area that suits your needs or are more than happy to build your dream home on a lot that has been previously purchased.

We have a long-standing relationship with many Dayton area architectural firms and can advise or assist during the design process in any way. Some clients prefer to start from the beginning with their own design, and others take our pre-existing plans are re-work them to suit their needs. Either way, Marty Sr., positions the home on your lot to make sure you get the most out of your land and your home.

Since no home we ever build is the same, the interior selection process is crucial to completing the owners vision of their unique dream home. We work with our clients from the selection of the brick to the hardware on the cabinets to ensure that they get the most for their dollar and the attention that they deserve. Since our homes are designed around different budgetary needs, we will provide our clients with a variety of vendors that they can choose to work with based off of their prices and product.

If you build with M.J. Coates Homes, you will become familiar with the red trucks that have become synonymous with Marty Sr. and Marty Jr. They are a constant fixture on any jobsite. Just as the interior selections are carefully scrutinized at every level, so is the physical construction of the home. It is rare that any detail is overlooked or mistake made under the watchful eyes of these gentlemen. As with every other aspect of construction, we encourage the homeowner to be there as much or as little as they would like. M.J. and Marty truly feel a pride of ownership with each one of the homes they build. Their presence is not only one of comfort to all of our homebuilders, but it also guarantees that every home we build will be of the same high level of quality that we pride ourselves on.
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